RESOR CV8 water tank for washing and watering the streets with a platform, tank capacity 8,000 liters made of steel sheet Č0563, 3 mm thick. „Waffle barriers“ are placed inside the tank. On the upper side of the tank there is an inspection opening Ø500mm with a lid and air vents with overflow pipe for venting. 2 „hydrant couplings or suction by means of a lake pump, etc. At the front of the tank-vehicle there are two pressurized street nozzles operated from the cab (on – off and left-right start), pneumatic controls. On the rear The tank has a winch with a hose length of 50 m and two connections for washing hoses Ø38 mm, length 7.5 m with nozzles for street washing.Also at the rear there is a platform that provides watering from a height or when the vehicle is moving slowly. is liquid level control – level indicator Built-in water centrifugal pump (pump drive by cardan shaft), flow rate 800 lit./min. whose maximum pressure is 6 bar.

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