Designed on a Volvo chassis, the RESOR AF12 vacuum truck is designed to collect and transport wastewater, faeces and other thick liquids. With a barrel upgrade of 12m³, it is one of the larger models from the series of AF superstructures that range in volume from 4m³ to 16m³ depending on the customer’s needs. Filling the tank is done by connecting the suction hose to the valve located on the rear of the tank cover -900mm with valve and coupling DN-100). The RESOR AF12 model is also supplied with 4 hoses fi 100 4-5m long with couplings used for filling the vehicle in the rear part of the barrel, where three level indicators are also installed. Underrunning boards, rear bumper, fenders, rotating lamp, parking lights and reflective strips are part of the superstructure standard on our market!

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