The company “Blok Signal” Ltd. Nis  in 2019 joined  the Resor Ltd. Group, and since then the production of metal utensil for garbage disposal- containers has started, now under the name of Resor KONT.

Resor KONT as part of the group RESOR Ltd. was created in order to provide complete solutions for maintaining cleanliness.

Constant listening to the needs of the community resulted in the idea of ​​introducing a production line for making containers.

We have completely mastered  the program of all the elements necessary to maintain the utility cleanliness of urban areas. Providing our customers with quality and reliability, we soon entered the markets of the region and thus once again confirmed our mission, which we are very proud of.


The quality of the product itself, precise finishing and longevity are the premises that set us distinguished from others.

Check for yourself why the trust of a large number of customers has led us to a leading position in the market.


They are made of high quality  deep pressed steel sheet,  appropriately designed  to ensure safety and resistance to mechanical impacts.

Container with
metal cover

Sliding, spring-operated cover (with spiral lifting spring system).
Rounded cover with protective rubber, made of sheet metal  1.2 ÷ 1.5 mm thick.


Container with
plastic cover

Flat cover, made of plastic, with a metal mechanism for foot opening and closing of the cover (step lever) on the front.


Loading productivity

Productivity when loading garbage into a utility truck and transport to the landfill is as much as four times higher than with other garbage containers.


Aesthetically more beautiful than other garbage containers, because garbage is not visible when put in container and thus does not spoil the impression of cleanliness of the settlement, it fits into all urban environments and is adequate for installation on sidewalks and exposed places.

Persistence and longevity

The shelf life of at least ten years is longer than in most other garbage cans. Made of quality sheet metal and hot-dip galvanized protection with a maximum purity of 99.5%, makes it resistant and ensures longevity.

A request for an offer

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