In February, we continued successful cooperation with “JKP Mediana” and for their needs and needs of the city of Nis, we produced five modern garbage collection vehicles. These vehicles, with the upgrade for trcks of well-known European manufacturers DAF and IVECO, represent another achievement of our company, in the tendency to always offer the most up-to-date product.

“JKP Medijana” plans to install another 100 underground containers, and for this purpose, we have produced a truck with an automatic hydraulic „hand“ for lifting underground containers and discharging them for that purpose.

For the needs of “JKP Mediana”, the following models have been produced:

  • F11 (LF 250 FA), with a box with a capacity of 11 m3, with trolleys and a crushing spoon and a garbage bin
  • F16 (LF 280 FA), with a 16 m3 recycle bin, with garbage bins and scoops and a garbage bin
  • F20, (M4SN3), with a 20 m3 waste compartment, with sticks and crushing spoon and a garbage bin. For this model, we have developed a prototype for lifting and discharging underground containers.
  • F22, (M4SN3), with a 22 m3 recycle bin, with garbage trolleys and a garbage bin.


„Nis has purchased equipment used in many metropolises. We want not only to improve the maintenance of hygiene in the city but also to better maintain park surfaces, roads, the infrastructure of the whole city and significantly modernize the environment protection „- announced the mayor of Nis Darko Bulatovic.

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