The Resor F22 model according to the EH840 standard or the Garbage truck with chains (horns) differs from other F series models by the additional option for emptying containers with a volume of 5-7 m3. liters as well as containers of 1100 liters made according to standard EN 840-1,2,3. This superstructure is specially manufactured so that, in addition to all the standard functions of a garbage truck, it can also empty containers with a volume of 5-7 m3 and special stabilization for greater vehicle stability. The control of all superstructure functions is electro-hydraulic with commands located at the end of the vehicle. 1. Superstructure Resor F22 in the box has a controlled drain for drained liquid as well as in the collecting trough. This prevents the spillage of unwanted waste liquids, which would otherwise leak when the vehicle is moving. The superstructure is equipped with a double-jet pump with a pressure of 320 bar, which enables independent operation of the device for compacting garbage and lifting containers. The works are monitored using a camera located at the rear of the superstructure, while the screen is located in the cab of the vehicle. The garbage truck is provided with anti-corrosion protection and a protective coating, as well as all elements and assemblies are sandblasted, thoroughly painted with a basic two-component paint. The final layer is a two-component paint, dried in a drying chamber at high temperatures.

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